Product Manuals

Have you ever bought something, unpacked it from the box, and then had no idea how to use it or how to get the most out of all of its features? You might be angry or confused or even want your money back. Good product manuals are important for making your customers happy.

Keep Your Customers Stimulated

You want your product manuals to be simple to follow and logical, but you want to be as detailed as possible in order to provide answers to any conceivable questions your customers might have.

At Intelligent Writing we not only have the ability to format and organize your current product data, but we have the creative interviewing skills to ask you questions that you possibly take for granted.

Print and Online Manuals

You want to include a printed manual in each packaged unit.  You also want to have the exact same information available online. Managing those words and instructions so that they are consistent across all delivery systems can be tricky.  The best way to do this is to have the information in a single source that is capable of being pushed out to different media, including print, online, mobile, and on the comapany intranet.  FOr an example of this in action please view our demonstration of XML single sourcing.

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