Software Documentation

You might have the greatest coder in the world, perhaps a genius.  But a lot of times that genius doesn’t keep track of the work he or she has done.  Sure, there might be comments in the code, but your end-user isn’t going to read the code.  Your end-user is going to need to know immediately how to use the new feature put in place or the new change of operating procedure.  You need software documentation, and this is where a technical writer comes in.

Coders Don’t Speak Human Language

Of course there are exceptions, but probably your software coding team does not have the social skills or the communication skills to understand human nature.  Your clients are real human beings who need good documentation to understand how your product works.  A technical writer is a unique role player who understands both technology and human beings.  A technical writer is a special type of translator who can facilitate communication between the staff you are paying and the customers who are paying you.

Print and Online Documentation

If you have to patch existing code you will need to immediately update your software manuals that ship with the product. You will also need to have the technical documentation available online immediately, including an online help system.  It makes the most sense to have a one repository of this information as a single source to maintain consistency throughout your company.  Please see this example of how single sourcing works.

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